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Why Won’t Man Hire The Computer To Create The Curing Machine?

3 Nov

Why Won’t Man Hire the Computer to Create the Curing Machine?

Why Won’t Man Hire the Computer to Create the Curing Machine? Some of us know the computer history so I’ll just go over the facts so that we can all be on the same page about this blog that’s called Why Won’t Man Hire the Computer, To Create the Curing Machine? Okay the word computer was mentioned in 1613 and then it was a person who carried out calculation or computations, than in 1801 a person named Joseph Marie Jacquard Built the fist general purpose computer. In 1837 Charles Babbage built the first fully programmable machine computer it was an analytical engine. It was also the first conceptualized design. And in 1888 Charles son called Henry Babbage built a more simplified version of his data analytical engine. Than in 1880 Herman Hollerith also invented the recording of data on a machine with readable medium. Than in 1946the first large scale computer was built a modern desk calculating machine in Japan in 1946, the slide rules, invented in the 1620s, which were carried on five Apollo space missions, including to the moon. And in 1980’s the first monitor was built. Before that, there were only items called terminals. And in 1890’s later months the keypunch computer were invented these machines were based on modern information processes. They later became the core of a company called IBM in the 19thcentury Hollerith’s was the founder. Than in 1936 Alan Turing was known as the father of computer science, and in 1937 the first electronic digital computer albeit this was not programmable and was created by Atanasoff-Berry Company. By 1973 there came a lawsuit about the patent of the computer and it was later determined that the patent in 1946 ENIAC Computer had derived from Atanasoft- Berry Computer Company. By now they were thriving to create a better machine and in 1941 Konrad Zuse’s created the first electromechanical Machine this was the first machine to feature binary arithmetic’s. Now we’re in the year of 1978 the Turing Computer this was the turning point of the first true complete operational computer. I had to lay out the true facts about the evolution of the computer before we could see where this Blog is going. I stop at 1998 the Turing Computer and the rest is history Computers evolved. So here are my thoughts. If they built computers, and components in 1946 that could calculate the correct distance to the moon, the amount of fuel needed to get them back, the correct altitude, the correct longitude, and the correct amount of thrust needed to leave our gravitational pull on earth. So why couldn’t a handful of experts couldn’t get together and discuss an evolutional life changing invention, that would be called the Curing Machine okay please stay with me! Don’t you believe that if they can trust technology that was built in 1946, with a human life to take them to the moon and back? Then I want you to just think about this for a minute. Okay we are now in the year of 2012 and computers are much faster, smarter, and more reliable than ever. So here are my thoughts! what if they were to get six top professionals such as the top medical chemist, the top herbalist, the top mathematics professor, and the two top disease experts, and they get together and feed the Curing Machine with all the man known medicines, all the man known herbs, and homeopathies cures, and all the correct algorithms, and the statement written in the computer to correct/fix the problem. In this case it would be a disease that was put in the Curing Machine(Example) the word Fix Cancer Once the Curing Machine fixed the problem it would print out the fixed formula and now the doctor could give the patient the disease killing formula in a liquid or a pill. Here’s why I fill this could be done! They use the computer algorithms to determine your credit score, they use it to determine your mental state, they use it to see if you are telling the truth, & they use it to determine your DNA. Now they should figure out a way to use it to cure our massive amount of diseases. I truly commend men and women for their countless hours working on cures, and finding cures I know that it’s a tedious job. Thank you guys so much for all of your hard work. I do whole hardily believe that if we can trust technology that was created in 1946 to take our men and women to the moon and back. Then I feel confident that the six- eight experts together with the 2012 technologies could make this Curing Computer Machine a world changing event. The machine that wiped out thousands of diseases, and to be able to tell this story about how you read a blog about a vision a person had about this machine called the Curing Machine and now that vision is now an actual reality, and you actually seen the Curing Computer Machine being promoted, developed & broadcast on TV, Media, tabloids, and radio! The fact is- This can be done, it should be done, and it will be done. Man is very smart, but partnered with the computer he is unstoppable. so my question to you is: Why Won’t Man Hire the Computer to Create the Curing Machine?                        

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3 Nov

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