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What About The Little Man!

3 Nov

What About The Little Man!

From Pc Computer Sales.
I seen companies start their business out of their homes, out of their apartments, and garages. They took time to put ads in the paper, print out business cards tell a friend that they are starting a new business and even put a couple of ads in the news paper the classified ads, the local city paper etc… Back then before the internet this is how it was done. But I must say man times have really changed. You see if you go to a car dealership and try to get your first car they might say sir/mam you don’t have bad credit, but you just don’t have any credit at all. We can still sell you this car but you’ll need a co-signer. I know you might have heard that before. I brought that up as an (Example) you see the internet has grown 10 times more than it used to be, so your competition is actually ten times the amount that it use to be also this makes it difficult. There are companies that start today and close down six month, to a year later do to no traffic, low sales, and the cost to operate. The statement in the title What About The little Man just goes back to trying to get that first car. See you can still do the word of mouth, print the business cards, and tell all of your friends that you are starting a new business but now days you are facing a lot more contenders. Meaning you have to do the little important things like get a website, get that website to rank. This is one of the most important things to work on. You have to keep tweaking that webpage until you get it just right. This allows you to be search engine friendly with the big giants such as, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Msn, & Alexia. The key is shooting for the 1st page or what we call the top 10 position on the first page. This is not easy at all. So this is where you have to be clever, using the social media, using the blogs, the news reader feeds/rss, inbound links, external links, back links. Oh did you say back links right? Now we are getting somewhere. You see back links is like the meat and potatoes of the whole meal not saying that the dinner rolls aren’t tasty and the salad is not awesome, but the meat and potatoes is what makes you satisfied. I know, so you’re saying where this going, and I ask you to please stay with me. I asked at the beginning of the blog “What About The Little Man” as I had mentioned back links is the meat and potatoes for the big search engines but you have to remember your just starting out with your new small business and you have to go out and ask these seasoned high ranking companies to allow you to link to them right? because we all have to start somewhere and they have what you need to get ranked in the search engines. But a lot of big, seasoned companies will tell you so Pc Computer Sales we don’t don’t except link exchange unless they are ranked at least number 4 or lower. Now here is that problem that we talked about before at the car dealership quote: “You Don’t Have Bad Credit! It’s That You Don’t Have Any Credit At All” that’s just what the giant/seasoned companies are saying to you when they say “We Don’t Except Links That’s Not Ranked #4 And Below” now we can’t forget that we all have to crawl before we walk. Well let me re phrase that. Most of us have to crawl before we walk. So my motto to the giant/seasoned companies they should have a little more compassion for the little man and remember that at one time or another they were where you’re now one time in their life. So don’t be so quick to say I can’t exchange with you unless you are ranked # 4 or lower. I’m asking you for a favor and that is to help me & others to get to number 4 or below. Because if no one gives us a chance then how will I ever become a player in the game? Please feel free to give me your point of view about this subject even if you don’t agree. This is what blogging is all about!

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