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Whats the whole story?

3 Nov

Whats the whole story?

The first means of communication was derived from the word Communis  which means to share. If noted there are three steps to any communication. They are 1. The sender 2, the massage itself, 3. The person the message was intended for. Once the send has sent the message his/her job is almost complete unless he/she wishes to reply back to the sender. Just think the human form of communication started with speech about 200,000 years ago. Then came the different types of symbols that were used to communicate, and they were developed about 30,000 years ago. So can you remember when I said that communication is a three step process? Well look at this for an (Example) with human communication I speak=the sender, I’ll say= my message, you hear what I just spoke=recipient. And as I stated above the sender in this matter is almost complete unless he or she wishes to reply back to the recipient. Now let’s go a little forward in time here. Now we are in the Pony Express era, man none of us these days could imaging the dedication hard work that was to make each run. Wow my hats off to them! Now let’s go a little bit forward again to the Morse Code era. This was a true breakthrough for men/women and for the nation. With this innovation success we dances celebrated, and thirsted for more of this quick/fast easy way of communication. We also through social gatherings just because of the electronic marvel that man had created. Please stay with me now! Man had now tasted his/her first electronic endeavor with much success. Not only did man/woman want more but the entire world wanted to know what man does next. Just being a spectator we don’t realize just how much work is really evolved and the trials and tribulations that men and women had to endure. (Example) when the pony express was created they saw just how demanding and labor intensive it was to maintain. So man/woman was in search of a much easier way to have messages delivered. As was stated the pony express had to deliver your mail in rain, wind, storm or snow. We as the people got use of having this kind of service. And at times when the delivery man came late we would get upset at him/her or even at times yell at the pony express deliver person just because you didn’t get your message on-time. But you are not aware what the pony express delivery person had to go through just so he or she could faithfully deliver you your message/mail. Now! Just take a step back & say to yourself! “Even now a day I still get upset when my mail man/mail lady is not there on-time, or even when my package is not delivered, on-time or the day I thought it was to be delivered. Haven’t you actually done that nor do you still does that? (Smile.) So the next time you start to get upset at him/her just remember what your delivery person has to go through each and every day to get you your messages/mail. Please don’t forget that we are now in the 20th century and not much has change in way of the mail man/mail lady they still have to deliver in rain, wind, storm or snow. They are out in the harsh elements and we are in most of the times a cooled building relaxing on the couch or sitting in the backyard or whatever your social life has you doing. While this person is doing whatever it takes to get your messages/mail to you. By me being a blogger an as some of you know. I have to give the facts first before I hammer it home. Now me we went through the message evolution it went from instant messaging crave to the text messaging crave, then to the social networking crave, such as (Example)My Space, Face book, Twitter, You-Tube etc…to the wireless, Wi-Fi crave. But with all of this there have to be a price that we must pay. So once again please stay with me here! It’s because we don’t like to wait for things we won’t it quick fast and in a hurry! What if I told you that your actual hips are being ping & bombarded about 10 times per second with microwave radiation. What if I told you that the migraine headaches that you keep getting for no reason at all? That there just might be a reason. What if I told you women that the reason your child was born with complications? That there just might be a reason why you & your child had these complications. What if I told you that your house is just as dangerous as a microwave oven! Would you believe me? And last but not least! What if I told you that if you could purchase a pair of microwave glass that would show you all the colored waves, rays that are actually bouncing off you because of all the cell phone towers that it would really have you frightful too see. They are constantly pinging off your ears if you were a blue tooth, off your hips if you have a cell phone, off your hand if you are listing to your IPad/ IPod. So why don’t you think they don’t want to sell those types of eye glasses to the public. As you already know they could make those type glasses actually they have already made them for testing purposes but they don’t want to sell them to the public because of the profit loss in wireless electronics and the public fright. So there is that price we must pay to give up that manual physical labor to embrace that quick, easy, and convenient technology. What if I told you that there is a country that already knows about this all too well I f I asked you to take a guess what country would you guess? Okay well let me explain there is a country that don’t want any part of man/woman fast, new, wireless technologies what country did you guess? Well it’s Switzerland. They don’t allow their internet computer cafes to use any form of wireless because of what I mentioned earlier. You see I know that you have heard that cell phones can do this to you or that but you never really seen the actual proof so I took the time to show you the true facts and then you decide from there. Switzerland does have a lot of Internet cafes but they will only allow physical cabling ran in all their computer cafes in the whole country. Hummm why is that? Switzerland doesn’t even allow any of their businesses to have wireless in them either all business must also be physical wiring. Again Hmmmm why is that? Switzerland also gives vigorous warnings about using wireless devices in your home and that if you do please use precautions when doing so. Again Hmmmm why is that? So what is it that Switzerland Knows that they rest of the world is keeping quiet about? So I ask you to ask yourself are the Mifi, the Yourfi, and the Hisfi and the Herfi is any of it really worth it? Is the quickness, the easiness, and the conveniently items really all worth it? Switzerland did something that so far no other country that I know of did. They put their people’s lives in front of the massive profits that could be made in their country on wireless electronics. They actually turned it all down just to protect their entire population. Wow! Now that worth taking a pat on the back. So I ask you what the whole story is. That Switzerland knows, and everybody else is not telling? Other countries is not as concerned as Switzerland, Plus there is Billions and trillions of money to be made. So I want you to see for yourself, and you judge for yourself. The questions that I presented to you. I don’t have the answers remember I’m just a blogger! So I ask again. WHATS THE WHOLE STORY? See it here: THE REAL HARD FACT  Please feel free to pass this around to your friends and family/co-workers, also please feel to comment after all this is what blogging is all about and be sure to sign up to my feeds. Thanks and I’ll see you again with more Brussels, and paintings. Cheers!

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3 Nov

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