By 2020 will robots win the race between man? Robots Vs Humans.

3 Nov

By 2020 will robots win the race between man? Robots Vs Humans.

The Are Actual Facts That Robots Are Being Mass Produced!

In a place called FRANKFURT Kuka. It is the largest European manufacture of industrial robots. There are actually creating a regional hub somewhere in China to start manufacturing sales in a country that has constant rising wages. And in return this is causing the demand for robotic automated gear.
In Germany in a city called Kuka, they will be increasing it assembly capacity in China to 5-to-6000 units this year, and just think this time two years ago it was only producing about 1,000 units. Most of the production will still reside in Germany but there are some changes that is taking shape in China as far as the company’s chief executive officer.

15,000 robots have been bought just from China alone last year, and expectations are that there will be, an increase of about 5,000 more making the total about 20,000 this year. The company’s goal was to reaching about 10% of the robots units and they can now say that this number is well within reach, because they actually reach 9% in the fourth quarter, this is very promising news to them.

As the pressure for higher wages, and the demand for more quality, and faster production this seems like a no brainier for them to keep up with the demands. They feel that with the robotics there is no sick time paid out, and there is no vacations days needed to be granted, & there is no more raises needed to be given, & there is no need for any lunch breaks, and there is no need for any medical pay out, or education reimbursement, No more W2’s needed to be setup, No more hiring and firing. Wow! For them this is great, but for us being the humans it looks like the robots are wining.

There has actually been a serious jump in the purchase of robotics in Kuka, the jump was about 84% between the year of 2009 and 2011 with this the customers are even more in love with their Volkswagen’s & this is putting even more pressure on the big manufacturers. Daimler Chrysler actually bought more automated robotic equipment for more factories, and with this happening it actually made China the largest worldwide automotive market.

(Kuka also reported records orders. And sales and operating profits last year.)

So I ask you, as the public to weigh in on your thoughts! And ask yourself, could this really be the dagger of man? “The saying, man will destroy himself?” Please give us your opinion about how you feel about this, and do you really see this changing the way of life that we once new?

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